Thai Salad :

Jun-12-2017 byadmin

Thai Salad :

1. Som Tam Thai

(Tangy green papaya salad servedwith dried shrimps.)

Rs. 385


2. Som Tam Tod (New)

(Deep-fried green papaya salad.)

Rs. 420


3. Som Tam Pon Lamai (New)

(Flavourful Thai-style mixed fruit salad.)

Rs. 560


4. Yum Talay

(Spicy mixed seafood salad with Thai herbs and spices.)

Rs. 935


5. Lab (Gai/Moo/Nua)

(Thai herbs salad marinated with minced chicken/ pork/ tenderloin.)

Rs. 435


6. Yum Woon Sen (Gai Sub/ Moo Sub)

(Moderately spicy glass noodles salad mingled with vegetable and minced chicken/ pork.)

Rs. 435 


7. Yum Mama (Gai Sub/ Moo Sub) (New)

(Tasty Instant noodles saladmixed with vegetable and minced chicken/ pork.)

Rs. 435


8. Yum Pla Muek

(Spicy and sour squid salad admixed with typical Thai spices.) 

Rs. 685


9. Yum Goong

(Spicy and sour prawn salad admixed with typical Thai spices.) 

Rs. 1060


10. Yum (Gai/ Moo)

(Thai-style salad mingled with sliced chicken/ pork.) 

Rs. 435


11. Yum Kai Dao (New)

(Falvorful Thai-style fried egg salad admixed with typical Thai-spices.) 

Rs. 385


12. Yum Makeua Yao (Gai Sub/ Moo Sub)

(Spicy and sour eggplant salad mingled with minced chicken/ pork.) 

Rs. 400


13. Yum Hed Ruammit Goong (New)

(Heatly mixed mushroom salad mingled with classic Thai spices and prawns.)

Rs. 685